Coal is No Answer to Energy Poverty and Here’s Why #theworldiswatching

Worldwide, the coal industry is suffering as the demand for their product weakens in the face of a surge in clean, renewable energy options and a world that can no longer afford to continue to consume this dirtiest of fossil fuels.

To deal with this decline in revenue, some coal companies like Peabody Energy are spending millions on advertising, public relations and lobbyists to convince politicians that coal is the answer to the issue of energy poverty in developing nations in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

Coal is clearly not the answer to energy poverty and here’s a series of fact-filled infographics that tell the real story about coal and energy poverty:

#1: Coal is no cure for energy poverty

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#2: World’s Poorest Most Affected by Coal

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#3: Climate Change is a Driver of Poverty that Threatens Decades of Development

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#4: Coal Causes 1 Million Premature Deaths Every Year

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Hao Tan, Institute of Development Studies – Greening China: tackling bad industrial policies should be a priority

“Taking into account the external, environmental costs of fossil fuels, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (PDF) estimates that the total amount of subsidies awarded to China’s fossil fuel industry in 2011 reached nearly US$280 billion. The scale of these subsidies paid to fossil fuels dwarfs any support provided to renewables.”