Bishop Theotonius Gomes CSC, The Diplomat: Time for Rich Countries to Pay Their Ecological Debt

“Developing countries shoulder a disproportionately large burden of the devastating social, economic and environmental costs of climate change. They are the least able to pay for protection from it and the least able to deal with its affects. Thus the responsibility is greater for the developed nations that cause these.”

Subsidising Big Coal: Handouts to Australia’s biggest coal mining companies

A 2015 report by the Australian Conservation Foundation [PDF] looking at subsidies to coal mining companies in Australia.

The report finds that:

The Government hands out around $6 billion dollars in fuel tax subsidies every year to a wide range of industries through the Fuel Tax Credits Scheme. Despite only making 1 per cent of claims, the mining industry received
40 per cent of the total amount of fuel tax credits claimed in 2012-13.

You can click here and download a PDF version of the complete report.